“It’s about prequalification for everyone

No matter their starting score, CreditDriver helps you sell cars.

Credit Driver was created by industry leading professionals, with more than 20+ years-experience in Automotive credit reporting and compliance.

Credit Driver is the next generation in soft credit technology. Our solutions are proven to help dealers increase sales by enabling consumers to build their credit, by reporting their rent and utility payments.

Our mission is to transform customer decisioning and acquisition for retail automotive. Using our proprietary soft inquiry application process is proven to increase online application conversion and ROI.

Unique, to CreditDriver, we can also help consumers build their credit, by reporting rent and utility payments to Equifax and TransUnion. In our long term study, the average consumer increased their score 40+ points! Imagine, what your consumers can do with 40 more points! Creating a win-win with more approvals, more F&I, and gross.


No starting score


Deep Sub-Prime 350-499


Deep Sub-Prime 500-599


SubPrime 600-649

Ready to get more qualified buyers, build their credit and sell more cars?